Mango Parade by Audrey Prieboy is a jewelry and accessory line designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY. All Mango Parade goods are made by hand and are produced in limited runs of 50 pieces or less per style. 

The line focuses on the use of color and shape to create playful, modern designs. "Mango" refers to the organically imperfect and imbalanced shape of the natural mango fruit and the ever changing, one-of-a-kind color variation seen in each fruit. The spirit of Mango Parade comes alive through the use of geometric, non-geometric and mismatched shapes in all forms, unusually textured components and experimentation within those boundaries.

All Mango Parade designs stem from a process of experimentation and hand manipulation. The use of domestically sourced deadstock components and repurposed and/or vintage materials is always at the core of all Mango Parade designs. The sourcing process itself influences each style and the story it tells.


Bullet Media - Twins get styled...

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